About Festival

Welcome to Texas International Short Film Festival!


The Texas International Short Film Festival due to be held on JUNE 7, 2018 aims to present short movies, music video, animation, commercial, new media, documentary, and film script. The festival prioritizes independent, low-budget films and what it considers exciting new talent.

The Festival is designed to acknowledge creative contributions of youth and adults while providing benefits to the community socially, educationally, and economically.

The contest is open authors from the USA as well as abroad. Films must have English subtitles where they are in foreign languages.

By entering Festival entrants agree to all the festival’s rules and terms:

· Entries have to be in English or dubbed/subtitled in the English language.
· More than one entry is permissible and each entry can be entered in many categories.
· Online screeners are preferred. Entrants should provide online links to submissions and ensure the inclusion of passwords in any email correspondence. The post is not acceptable.
· The Festival will not download data or accept any Dropbox submissions. Links to an entrant’s media hosted on third-party servers like YouTube or Vimeo are accepted.
· Work in progress is accepted
· Written descriptions of entries would be beneficial.
· DVD Entries are not accepted.
· Entry fees will not be refunded

For more info, contact TXINFF at: mail@txifest.com